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photos by the artist on alluminium

 75 x 178 cm

© Archivio fotografico A.Guidetti G.Ricci























































A series of photographs based on

overlays of two different types of images.

The first images belong to a series of pictures I took

with a disposable camera in Apulia during a vacation  

showing some historical monuments and a sunset.

The images below them, on the other hand,

show Asian workers on an assembly line

making disposable cameras

already loaded with a roll of film;

the women workers took pictures of each other

during the work and then secretly reinserted

the cameras in the usual assembly sequence.

The combination of such

different images gave rise to bizarre

and cheerful overlaps that struck me

due to the particular way the shots interacted.

As iif that simple disposable camera

had intentionally fallen into the hands of an artist

in order to make that

sort of osmosis between two convivial situations

 the tender prank of the young women who

managed to create

“a space of cheerful time” for themselves,

and my short but “spacious” sojourn as a tourist. 

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