Arianna Giorgi is a visual artist primarily focused on sculpture / assembly. His research branches out into a multiplicity of shapes and materials.

His gaze rests on the real, on nature and on art in a critical, poetic, ironic way.



She is graduated of the Accademia di Brera. She lives and works in Milan where she did here first exhibition in 1989. In 2009 she open her new studio with old and new works. Member of Art For The World Europe, in 2016 partecipate with a video at Ulay ‘s World water joy. She partecipate at  Studifestival Milan with three shows: Estis yan Ara kai Era (2015) with Giuliana Storino, IBYM (2016) curated by Sophie Usunier, Il sole e la sua ombra (2017) curated by Gianni Caravaggio. In 2019 she is invited to speak about “Come si impara il fare arte (How to learn to make art) in meeting about “Autenticità”,  curated by Ausilia Binda, Macro Asilo - Museo Macro, Roma, IT and to speak about her work at Accademia di Belle Arti G. Carrara, Bergamo, IT, curated by Sara Rossi. 


Solo and group exhibitions selection

(2020) - Rivapiana the Mothel (1950-2018) Eine Hommage, Ausstellung im Rathaus für Kultur Lichtensteig, CH

(2019) VITA ZITA studio, Thessaloniki, GR- Corale, by Nazareno Guglielmi, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, IT. (2018) -, L’occhio Irresponsabile, Alla ricerca dell’aura perduta by Paolo Toffolutti, Spazzapan Gallery, Gradisca d 'Isonzo, IT -No Place 4, Ex Ceramica Vaccari, Santo Stefano di Magra, LaSpezia, IT. (2017) Mardonatello, solo show, by Francesca Pasini, Milan, IT. (2016) - No. Place 2, Castello di Fombio, Piacenza, IT - No. Place 3, Suzzara Prize Gallery, IT. (2014) - Motivi di famiglia, Villa Toppo Florio, Buttrio, by Paolo Toffolutti, SPAC, Friuli -Venezia Giulia, IT. (2012) - WOP! by Francesca Lucioni, Renata Fabbri Contemporary Art, Milan, IT- Transalimenti, Cantiere delle Belle Arti, Rocca Calascio, by Gabriele Di Pietro, L'Aquila, IT - Ombre. L’indagine dell’inafferrabile Renata Fabbri Contemporary Art, by Federico Sardella Milan, IT. (2011) - Women White. La dimensione dell’infinibilità, by Federico Sardella, Renata Fabbri Contemporary Art, Milan, IT. (2007) - Imago, solo show, Studiocristinadelponte, Locarno, CH. (2004) - Interazioni 04, Canton Ticino, CH. (2003) - Solo show, Studiocristinadelponte, Locarno, CH -Servizio civile per l’arte, by Johannes Gachnang and Cristina Del Ponte, space for contemporary art, Les Halles, Porrentruy. (2001) Tana, solo show, Studiocristinadelponte, Locarno, CH. (2000) - Real Presence, by Bijliana Tomich and Dobrila De Negri, Museo XXV Maggio, Belgrad, Serbia - Boeklin atelier of Zurig, by J. Gachnang - Italiana collectif in La beauté in fabula by J. De Loisy, Palais des Papes, Avignon, FR. (1999) - Elisabeth Kaufmann Gallery, Basel - Museu do Telephone by G. Ferreira, Rio de Janeiro, BRA – Artisti in vetrina, by Isabella Puliafito, Milan, IT. (1998) Ara, solo show, Care/of, Cusano Milanino, IT- Immagine naturale, by Luciano Fabro, Micheline Szwajcer Gallery, Anvers, BG. (1996) - Dis Fabro! C'est qui Prométhée, Workshop for children at the Atelier des Enfants, Center Georges Pompidou, Paris, FR - Fuoricentro, Contemporary art contexts, curated by Gianni Dessì and Daniela Lancioni, Space for Contemporary Art, Expo Tor Bella Monaca, Rome, IT. (1994) - Cohabitatione curated by Bruno Corà, Palazzo Fabroni, Pistoia, IT (1991) , Marion Bush Rotterdam art space, NL. (1990) Marion Bush Rotterdam art Space, NL. (1989) - Meteore, solo show, Diecidue Gallery, Milan, IT.

From 1990 to 2007 he have done personal exhibitions at Casa degli Artisti in Milan, IT.

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